• Georgia Aquarium
    Conservation Field Station

Georgia Aquarium Conservation Field Station (GACFS)

In 2008, Georgia Aquarium opened the Dolphin Conservation Field Station (DCFS) at Marineland, a joint venture with Marineland’s Dolphin Conservation Center. After the 2011 acquisition of Marineland Dolphin Adventure by Georgia Aquarium, our facility was renamed the Georgia Aquarium Conservation Field Station. This transition allowed these organizations to expand the positive impact and influence of our programs throughout the southeastern U.S.


The Georgia Aquarium Conservation Field Station (GACFS) is dedicated to promoting the conservation of small whales and dolphins. Our team upholds this mission by responding to marine mammal stranding events and participating in the research of local dolphin populations in northeast Florida. GACFS increases awareness of the challenges facing marine mammals and our environment though community events and conducting outreach programs at local schools.


The goal of GACFS is to publish research findings, present data at scientific meetings and contribute to the scientific community. In this way, we hope to gain the knowledge and tools to effectively protect marine mammals and draws parallels between their health, the state of the environment and the implications for human health.


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