• Outreach


In addition to our field activities, GACFS has sustained a strong presence within the community. Since 2009, our staff and volunteers have conducted dozens of outreach programs at schools, camps and festivals.


During the past seven years, the GACFS Conservation Outreach Initiative (CORI) has taught approximately 450 classes across six different schools, reaching an estimated 12,500 students. Working closely with the Flagler County School District, GACFS staff and volunteers have worked to develop classroom modules that surpass state standards for all 2nd and 5th grades in the public elementary school system. This educational outreach program includes a classroom-based conservation program that teaches the students about our local natural world and the importance of preserving it.


In addition to the Conservation Outreach Initiative, GACFS staff and volunteers conduct mock stranding activities and presentations for Marineland summer camps, and have participated in over 170 Community Events including Earth Day, Turtle Fest, Right Whale Festival and Beach Clean-Ups since 2009. GACFS personnel are proud to provide training exercises on whale and dolphin stranding activities for local sheriff’s departments and beach services groups. GACFS is authorized under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as verifiers for the Florida manatee to confirm individual cases of distress and assist authorized network members in all aspects of rescue, transportation and rehabilitation.