We know it matters to you that the animals you love at Marineland are well cared for. It matters to us too.


We are proud to share that Marineland Dolphin Adventure is accredited by the following renowned organizations

The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums  – AMMPA – is an international association and the accrediting body for marine parks, aquariums, zoos and research facilities. Alliance-accredited institutions are the gold standard in marine mammal care. With an extensive body of marine mammal knowledge and experience, animal experts at Alliance-accredited facilities dedicate their lives to the well-being of the animals in their care and to the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals such as sea lions, dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles in need of help.

Our member institutions reach millions of guests each year and create extraordinary experiences and connections to the natural world that inspire people to take action for marine mammals and our oceans.

Accredited members of the Alliance meet or exceed rigorous Standards & Guidelines covering a dozen different areas such as animal husbandry, animal training, water and environmental quality, education, scientific research, breeding, and transportation.

These standards are based on the expertise of thousands of veterinarians, animal care specialists, operations personnel, and scientists. They optimize the physical health of, and environmental conditions for, individual marine mammals in each facility’s care. High standards also maximize the educational experiences for guests and scientific impact from collaborative research to better understand marine mammals and their needs.

The International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association –  IMATA’s Accreditation for Animal Trainer Development Programs was developed to recognize those facilities that have exceptional systems for training animal care givers in the science and art of animal training, while utilizing positive reinforcement. Inspectors review the trainer development program of an organization to insure appropriate educational opportunities are being provided, quantification of skills and advancement are employed, materials containing modern training techniques are available readily, and that management experience of senior staff is appropriate for an environment in which trainers can improve their craft as an effective animal trainer.

American Humane’s Humane Conservation™ is a certification program of American Humane, the first national humane organization in America and the world’s largest certifier of the welfare and humane treatment of animals in working and other environments. When you see the Humane Conservation program’s Humane Certified™ logo, be assured that the facility meets the highest standards of animal care.

The Accreditation Commission of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums – AZA – evaluates every zoo or aquarium to make sure it meets AZA’s standards for animal welfare, care, and management, including living environments, social groupings, health, and nutrition. Every animal at AZA-accredited institutions undergoes a thorough welfare assessment at least once a year. We also make sure that animals are provided with enrichment, which stimulates each animal’s natural behavior and provides variety in their daily routine. The Accreditation Commission also evaluates the veterinary program, involvement in conservation and research, education programs, safety policies and procedures, security, physical facilities, guest services, and the quality of the institution’s staff. And because a zoo or aquarium needs a strong foundation in order to continue to meet high standards, accreditation also evaluates each institution’s finances, its governing authority, and its support organization. In other words, we look at everything!