Education Outreach

Can’t make it to Marineland Dolphin Adventure? Let us come to you! Whether you’re a teacher, a community group leader, an activities director, or a camp counselor, we’d love to bring our message to you!


Outreach programs aren’t just for kids. Adult programs, family programs, and community programs are our specialty.


Topics include Marineland’s History (a favorite!), North Atlantic Right Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, Marine Life of Northeast Florida, Marine Conservation, but we can work with you on the topic of your choice.










Our Education Outreach program is available year round as availability allows, and may be customized depending on your needs, audience, interests, space availability, and venue.

Pricing varies depending on distance of travel.


To make a reservation or to discuss a custom program, email tmcginnis@marineland.net. Please be prepared to provide your name, phone number, email, organization and estimated group size.

Please Note:

Our mission is to bring marine science and conservation messaging to the community. Whether you would like a formal presentation including a powerpoint presentation or you’d like us to join you on the beach, the trail, or a boat, we’ll do our best to meet you where you are to share our passion and knowledge.


We do not bring live animals to outreach presentations.