• Early Learners

Early Learners

Sea Squirts: Under the Sea with my Kiddo and Me!


Sea Squirts gives your 3 – 5 year old child a unique Marineland Dolphin Adventure experience that focuses on conservation! This program emphasizes a specific conservation topic through a story, craft or activity, and animal observation.



$20 per child/adult pair

$5 for each additional child

$100 for all six classes for a child/adult pair


2019 Dates and Themes:

October 9, 2019: “Mommy and Me”

October 16, 2019: “Stars of the Sea”

October 23, 2019: “The Life of a Turtle”

October 30, 2019: “If Sharks Disappeared”

November 6, 2019: “Coral Community”

November 13, 2019: “Eeuwy, Gooey Under the Sea”

Please contact the Education Department at 904-471-1111 ext. 103 or education@marineland.net for more information.