• Early Learners

Early Learners

Sea Squirts: Under the Sea with my Kiddo and Me!


Sea Squirts gives you and your 3 – 5 year old child a unique Marineland Dolphin Adventure experience that focuses on conservation! This program emphasizes a specific conservation topic through a story, craft or activity, and animal observation.



$10 per adult (required)

$10 for 1st child; $5 for each additional child


2023 Dates & Themes:

January 31, 2023: We Travel so Far (Migrations)

Migration is the movement of animals over large distances! In this area of Florida, we have Right Whales that migrate to the area to raise their calves in warmer waters. In this lesson, Sea Squirts will explore different types of animals that migrate with short stories, and get to see some challenges that animals face during the migration hopscotch game!

February 7, 2023: Stars of the Sea

Sea Squirts will delve into a day in the life of a sea star! Learn about the motions of an ochre sea star, how a sea star hunts, and the protective armor that keeps a sea star safe at low tide. To further understand the anatomy of a sea star, Sea Squirts will even get to build their own sea star!

February 14, 2023: The Mess We Made

How can we help save the ocean and the animals that live here? Sea Squirts will learn about how they can help the environment one step at a time! They will have the chance to “clean up” the ocean through the use of a sensory bin. To top it all off, they will create a recycled paper seed bomb that can be planted at home!

February 21, 2023: Eeuwy, Gooey Under the Sea

Sea slime is an important component of many underwater organisms! The sea slug relies upon sea slime to move across the ocean floor, sea butterflies utilize bubbles of sea slime to catch their food, and parrotfish sleep in a casing of sea slime for protection. There are many uses for sea slime, and in a colorful book, the Sea Squirts will examine them all! After kiddos develop a better understanding of how sea slime is utilized in the ocean, they will have the opportunity to make their very own sand slime.

February 28, 2023: Where the Ocean Meets the Sand (Tide Pools)

Living in a tide pool can be hard work! Throughout the lesson, Sea Squirts will have the opportunity to see how difficult living in one can be. Sea Squirts will get to visit tide pool animals and then have the chance to create their own to take home!

March 7, 2023: One Tiny Turtle

The life of a sea turtle is a complicated, challenging journey! From the incubation and hatchling stages, all the way to the mature adult stage, a sea turtle’s life cycle is full of twists and turns. Our Sea Squirts will have the opportunity to explore the life stages of a sea turtle in an engaging book. Furthermore, Sea Squirts will learn about basic sea turtle anatomy as they build their own sea turtle suncatcher. Together, parents and their kiddos will transform into sea turtle biologists throughout the course of the program!


Each program runs from 10am to 11am.

Please contact the Education Department at 407-563-4701 ext. 103 or education@marineland.net for more information.

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