• Early Learners

Early Learners

Sea Squirts: Under the Sea with my Kiddo and Me!


Sea Squirts gives you and your 3 – 5 year old child a unique Marineland Dolphin Adventure experience that focuses on conservation! This program emphasizes a specific conservation topic through a story, craft or activity, and animal observation.



  • $10 per adult (required)
  • $10 for 1st child; $5 for each additional child
    • New Package Pricing: $100 for 1 parent + 1 child to attend any 6 classes between September 2023 and March 2024.


Each program runs from 10am to 11am and again from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.


Please Note: Activities are designed for children between 3 and 5 years of age. Siblings under 3 years old are welcome to join and are free of charge if they are not participating. All participating children regardless of age will be charged.


Dates & Topics:

January 24, 2024: Whales

We are going to take a look at different species of whales that call the ocean home through the book “If I Were a Whale”. Then you will get to choose which type of whale you would like to be and complete a “whaley” fun craft!

January 31, 2024: Plastics

Explore the life cycle of plastic from how it is made to its different uses through the book “Life of a Plastic Bottle” and see how we can help the plastic problem the oceans face. Then we will upcycle our plastic bottles into something new! Join us to find out different things you can make out of a plastic bottle!

February 7, 2024: The Ocean

Instead of looking just at Dolphins, Sharks, or Sea turtles this time, we are going to explore a variety of marine life through the story “Somewhere in the Ocean’. Then we are going to work together to make our own ocean full of different interesting animals!

February 14, 2024: Fish

Fish are some of the most important animals in our oceans, but they can do some of the funkiest things! Join us to explore the world of fish with the story “Fabulous Fishes”. You will even get to make your own fish and discover the fish that call Marineland home!

February 21, 2024: Seashells

We have all at one point seen sea shells on the beach or even collected them. We are going to explore all of the different types of shells and what different animals use them for. We will explore them through the book “Seashells: More than a Home” and then get to touch and feel different shells through a sensory experience.

February 28, 2024: Marine Rescue

Many organizations help out marine animals that ended up in places they weren’t meant to be! Explore how we help marine animals through the story of a rescued Sea Otter in the book “Pup 681- A Sea Otter Rescue Story”. Then we will check out how we would go about helping a marine mammal if we ever came across one in need!

Please contact the Education Department at 407-563-4701 ext. 103 or education@marineland.net for more information.

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