• Swim Adventure

Swim Adventure



The Dolphin Swim Adventure is such an exciting interaction! In this program, you get the fantastic opportunity to interact with our beloved dolphins on another level. Aside from being able to touch, kiss and play with them, you’ll also get to experience an exciting belly ride with our dolphins! You’ll hold onto their pectoral fins and swim with them on their belly! This is simply wonderful and charming!


Dates: Daily


Times: 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:30 PM, 3:00 PM



Advance child: $89.oo USD + tax (includes free Behind the Seas Park Pass and FREE PARKING)

Advance adult: $119.oo USD + tax (includes free Behind the Seas Park Pass and FREE PARKING)


Age Requirements: All participants must be 48″ or taller. Participants under 54″ must be accompanied by a paying participating adult over age 18.

*Please note: Children 48″ to 54″ may need to be held and may not be able to complete all behaviors.


Program Length: Approximately 30 minutes.


Groups: At Marineland, we have groups of approximately 10 people.


  • Come in your swimwear as it is required. Please bring your own towel. Lockers and/or cubbies are available for personal gear.
  • It is our policy at Marineland Dolphin Adventure, for the health and safety of our animals we strongly recommend that all loose items and jewelry be removed prior to the start of all dolphin interactions. Waterproof watches and medical alert bracelets are ok. Guests participating in dolphin interactions that occur in the water (in our Dolphin Encounter and Swim Adventure programs) may be required to wear a wetsuit to cover up a bracelet or piercing. A wedding band or piercing that physically cannot be removed is also ok but all attempts must be made to remove the items first before interacting with dolphins. But, if the ring has any gemstones that could potentially scratch the dolphins it must be wrapped with medical self-adhesive water wear tape.
  • All participants will be photographed during their interaction by our professional staff photographers. Guests may not bring personal cameras into dolphin program areas.
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your program’s scheduled start time to allow time to check in. Failure to do so could result in exclusion from the program with no refund or exchange.
  • View the Dolphin Encounters FAQ for more information.


Special Needs: For everyone’s safety and comfort, please advise us if there are any emotional, behavioral, or physical conditions that could affect a guest’s participation so we may make appropriate accommodations. To make a reservation with special needs, please contact us at 904-471-1111, ext. 116.

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