• Nellie's Legacy

Nellie’s Legacy

On February 27, 1953, the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin Nellie was born at Marineland. She quickly became a local celebrity and is celebrated as an ambassador for her species and other marine mammals. After 61 remarkable years at Marineland, Nellie passed away on April 30, 2014, as the world’s oldest dolphin in human care. Inspiring thousands of guests throughout her life, we continue to cherish her legacy.


Nellie starred in several TV shows filmed on-site. She also became a fan favorite by performing her famous hula-hoop trick and other behaviors for crowds of adoring fans. These programs have long been replaced by programs that inspire important personal connections between dolphins and guests, and encourage conservation of dolphins in the wild.


We invite you to help us honor Nellie’s legacy by purchasing a memorial brick to be laid around the base of a planned Nellie Memorial Sculpture here at Marineland. This will commemorate her life and help us remind future generations of Nellie and the positive impact she made on our understanding and appreciation of dolphins. Your gift will sponsor our Seaside Scholarship Program, which provides students from low-income schools with an opportunity to learn about dolphins and the conservation of our ecosystems. Contact daustin@georgiaaquarium.org to make a donation!

“Nellie” was the Official Spokesdolphin for Timex Watches in these Vintage Ads Filmed at Marineland