An ocean of fun family activities and educational programs await at Marineland Dolphin Adventure. There’s so much to experience that every visit is unique!

General Admission

Adult (12 – 54): $23.99 + tax

Child (5 – 11): $16.99 + tax

Senior (55+): $22.99 + tax

Young Child (4 and under): FREE

Daily Presentation Schedule

Shark Talk: 10:30AM (Feedings on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)

Dolphin Training Presentation: 11:15AM; 2:30PM

Turtle Talk: 1:00PM

Marineland Dolphin Adventure’s General Admission ticket is included with the purchase of any of the variety of programs offered at the park or can be purchased separately.

Your ticket includes access to view our various animal habitats including Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, and red-footed tortoises.  Guests will also be able to enjoy our daily presentations and tours.

Royal Swim

Pricing is based on height.

Child (Between 48″ and 54″): $199.99+ tax (includes admission and all digital photographs)

Adult (54″ and up): $239.99+ tax (includes admission and all digital photographs)

The Royal Swim is the most fun and unique program, designed to exceed all your expectations. Feel the thrill of the foot push. The dolphins will rise you above the water surface by pushing you from the soles of your feet. Fun to the limit!

Swim Adventure

Pricing is based on height.

Child (Between 48″ and 54″): $179.99 + tax (includes admission and all digital photographs)

Adult (54″ and up): $199.99+ tax (includes admission and all digital photographs)

The Dolphin Swim Adventure is such an exciting interaction! In this program, you get the fantastic opportunity to interact with our beloved dolphins on another level. Aside from being able to touch and play with them, you’ll also get to experience an exciting belly ride with our dolphins! You’ll hold onto their pectoral flippers and swim with them on their belly! Complete your visit with this wonderful and charming experience!

Dolphin Encounter

  • Child (Age 5+ AND shorter than 48″): $149.99 + tax (includes admission and all digital photographs)
  • Adult (48″ and up, regardless of age): $179.99 + tax (includes admission and all digital photographs)

The Dolphin Encounter program is designed for all ages, and to learn by having fun! Meet these fantastic animals as you interact with them in shallow waters. The interaction is performed on an underwater platform, so you don’t have to worry if you’re not a swimmer.  One of the activities you’ll perform with these intelligent creatures is the hand target, in which the dolphin will come up to touch your hand with its rostrum.

Meet & Greet

Pricing: $109.99 + tax (includes admission and all digital photographs)

In this Meet & Greet program, get to know these fascinating creatures up close and personal. You can get eye to eye with these lovely marine mammals and be charmed by the interaction you will have with them. Among these activities are touching and splashing with these wonderful creatures!

Dolphin Designs

Pricing: $139.99 + tax (includes admission and all digital photographs)

Combine your passion for dolphins and your love of art with a dolphin painting experience, as you interact with a dolphin artist to create a masterpiece.

Trainer For A Day

Pricing: $369.99 + tax (includes admission and all digital photographs)

Learn what it’s like to be a world-class animal trainer as you spend the day with ours! Your day starts with a guided tour, and then the fun begins with our training crew.  You will help prepare meals and feed animals, observe dolphin behaviors, attend an animal training lecture, and encounter our dolphins up close. By the end of your day, you’ll know who has the best job in the world!

Annual Membership

Child Membership: $45 + tax (5 to 11 years old)

Adult Membership: $65 + tax

Enjoy Marineland adventures all year long and save with our annual pass! Each annual pass includes:

Ripple Effect Ecotours – Kayak & Boat Ecotours

Pricing: Adult: $55 | Child: (age 6-15) $45 (includes General Admission voucher for Marineland Dolphin Adventure)

Tickets are purchased through Ripple Effect Ecotours.

We are excited to offer comprehensive ecological and cultural kayak tours in this beautiful coastal system. Don’t miss this family friendly opportunity to visit the dolphins of Marineland and also the chance to witness their natural habitat in the Matanzas River Estuary. All from the low-impact, unique perspective of a kayak!  Reservations Required.