• Field Trips

Field Trips

Marineland Dolphin Adventure offers a variety of field trip options providing students the opportunity to learn about dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, and other marine life. Our professional educators are dedicated to inspiration through immersive education covering topics including natural history, behavior, adaptations, conservation, and research.


Virtual field trip

For $100/presentation, we can lead your class through a virtual presentation about Marineland and the animals who call it home.


Please visit our Community Engagement page to learn about outreach and offsite educational opportunities for learners of all ages and in all venues.

Self Guided

For $10/student, we invite you to bring your students to enjoy all of the following Self-Guided opportunities, enhanced with optional worksheets that can be downloaded from our website.

      • 9:45am Sea to Shore Aquarium Viewing
      • 10:30am: Narrated Sand Tiger Shark Talk
      • 11:15am: Narrated Dolphin Training Presentation
      • 11:45am: Sea to Shore Aquarium Viewing
      • 1:00pm: Narrated Sea Turtle Presentation
      • 1:30pm: Sea to Shore Aquarium Viewing
      • 2:30pm: Narrated Dolphin Training Presentation
      • 3:00pm: Sea to Shore Aquarium Viewing


Guided Programming

To increase the educational value and interactive opportunities for your students, our professional education staff proudly offers the following additions to your standard self-guided educational visit:


  • Education Station(s) featuring marine biofacts available for students to visit at their leisure during their Marineland visit. Stations can focus on any of the following topics:
        • Anatomy & Adaptations
        • Ecosystems
        • Field Research
        • Conservation
        • Ecological Footprint



  • Formal Classroom Lessons focusing on your choice of marine science and marine conservation topics.
        • Anatomy & Adaptations
        • Ecosystems
        • Field Research
        • Conservation
        • Ecological Footprint



  • Touch and Play out-of-water interaction with our dolphins, guided by our professional animal trainers.

$27/student (includes digital photos)


    • Note: For an additional $5/student, a formal classroom lesson may be added on to the Education Station or Touch and Play options.

Larger Groups can be accommodated with a Block Schedule please contact us for more information.

*Prices do not include the 7% sales tax. If you are tax exempt, please provide a copy of your tax-exempt certificate at the time of the deposit.
**One teacher free for every 20 students
***At Marineland Dolphin Adventure, for the health and safety of our animals, all loose items and jewelry must be removed prior to the start of all dolphin interactions.


Click here to download our Field Trip Packet for more detailed information and guidelines.

What Makes a Marineland Field Trip Special?

The following topics are available as both informal Education Stations and formal Classroom Lessons:

Anatomy & Adaptations

Step into the flippers of a marine biologist and examine the adaptive characteristics of ocean megafauna. Students will discover the traits that make marine organisms unique through an interactive shark, dolphin, or turtle anatomy lesson. This program will encourage students to analyze adaptations on both the broad level and interspecific level. Students will finish the program with an improved understanding of the relationship between an organism’s niche, biology, and physiology.



The environment is a complex system of interacting organisms and the biological systems that fuel them. Students will explore the interconnectedness of ecosystems through dynamic activities involving coral reefs, invasive species, or ecosystem engineering. Understanding the importance of ecosystems is within the grasp of all students, waiting to be discovered.


Field Research

Immerse students in the world of ocean science through hands-on, field research opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to explore the elements of data collection, scientific observation, and the role of science in conservation. With options ranging from a mock dolphin stranding response to dolphin ID or shark and turtle tracking, this program is designed to engage students in interactive and exciting fieldwork true to marine biology. 



Inspire a new generation of environmental stewards with a series of conservation-focused lessons. Students may immerse themselves in the concept of upcycling through creative reuse projects, or examine the effects of microplastic in a suspenseful activity. This program is designed to excite students about the ways they can contribute to global conservation efforts.


Ecological Footprint

The superheroes of the Earth are sitting right within the classroom walls! To better understand the interdependence between humans and the environment, students will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own ecological footprint. From an exciting game involving sea turtle survivorship to an ocean acidification-based experiment, this program will help students identify the ways in which humans impact the global environment.



  • Field trips are available every day of the week from September to May.

  • Please book field trips at least one week in advance. Due to limited availability, we recommend booking as early as possible. Our busiest months for field trips are October and March – May.

  • Minimum requirement of 10 people per group, including students, teachers and chaperones. Please note that groups smaller than this may be interested in learning about our Homeschool Days which are offered the first Wednesday of every month during the school year, September – May.

  • Packaged lunches are available to pre-order or you are welcome to bring your own eco-friendly lunches and reusable water bottle.

  • A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your visit. Full payment will be due upon or before your arrival. Prices vary year to year.

  • To reserve your field trip, call 407-563-4701, ext. 103 or email educoord@marineland.net.