Bernie The Dolphin

Hollywood Returns to Marineland

Marineland Dolphin Adventure has an 80-year history as a premier filming location, and we re-entered the cinematic spotlight in 2018 with Bernie the Dolphin.


The film is a summery adventure set in the Sunshine State, chronicling a brother and sister’s mission to save their beloved Florida beach and their favorite dolphin. The feel-good family movie features Marineland Dolphin Adventure, and Marineland dolphin Aqe stars as Bernie.


Bernie the Dolphin will be released throughout the United States and internationally this December.

Attend the World Premiere  – December 7

We’re rolling out the red carpet for the world premiere of Bernie the Dolphin! Come to Epic Theatres of Palm Coast on Friday, December 7 to meet the stars and be be a part of movie history. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!