Bernie The Dolphin

Hollywood Returns to Marineland

After opening more than 80 years ago as a Hollywood filming destination, Marineland Dolphin Adventure has returned to theaters in the summery family movie Bernie the Dolphin and its upcoming sequel.


Bernie the Dolphin is a family adventure that filmed at Marineland in February 2018. The movie tells the story of a Florida brother and sister and their mission to save their favorite beach and dolphin friend Bernie. Kevin Sorbo (TV’s “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”) and Patrick Muldoon (Starship Troopers) star in the film, along with young actors Lola Sultan and Logan Allen. Marineland dolphin Aqe appears as the film’s namesake.


Bernie made it debut in theaters and on demand December 7, 2018. Marineland guests had the amazing opportunity to view the filming of Bernie 2 in person at the park December 18-22.

Bernie The Dolphin


December 16, 2018- A sold out theater welcomed movie stars and dignitaries attending the red carpet premier of Bernie the Dolphin. The Palm Coast Epic Theater was the site of this spectacle. Spot lights in the sky, limousines, 100 ft red carpet and all the movie stars, and animal trainers were present.

County commissioners, administrators, tourist development council members, and city mayors also paraded down the red carpet into the theater. Leading the celebration was AQE, Marineland’s star dolphin mascot and all the animal training staff.

The sequel to Bernie the Dolphin should premier in the fall of 2019. Don’t miss this event!